Basics 1 Videos | Last Updated 09/01/2015

MedSpoon Basics is a channel dedicated to teaching the basics of cannabis. In this channel, we will discuss the fundamentals of cannabis cooking, the law, the effects, and the benefits and negative side effects.

Herbal Infusions 8 Videos | Last Updated 02/08/2016

I am The Herbal Chef™. I am absolutely in love with food and life! I am naturally a very charismatic, passionate and driven human. I thrive under pressure, whether it was pitching as a closer in tight spots or pulling off a 12 course dinner while understaffed. I live off of the excitement. I have trained under some of the best chefs in Southern California at Michelin starred restaurants. Herbal Infusions is a channel dedicated to exploring the possibilities of cannabis in the kitchen. Pushing gourmet edibles to the edge, watch is The Herbal Chef creates masterful herbal infusions.

Magical Butter 9 Videos | Last Updated 04/20/2016

A recipe channel dedicated to the many incredible ways to use your Magical Butter machine, at home or at work. Let Magicalbutter, make the magic happen in your kitchen.

PROHBTD 5 Videos | Last Updated 12/09/2015

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