What is MedSpoon.com

Medspoon.com is a recipe website dedicated to teaching and sharing the many ways of cooking with Cannabis. It is time we take Cannabis seriously and respect it, as both an ingredient and a medicine.

What is Cannabis?

Cannabis is short for Cannabis Sativa, the plant more commonly referred to as Marijuana. Marijuana has been used in cooking for hundreds of years. Medspoon.com was built to be a house for all the wonderful cannabis recipes that people have and can share with their friends and others.

How To Add Recipes

Since we love recipes we have a number of ways to allow you to share your first recipe. You can access it from your profile under the My Recipes Tab. Here click the large Add Recipe Button, and proceed to complete the form. On the form we ask for a Recipe Name that has no special characters as well as images ingredients and steps involved in creating the dish. We ask that you tag your dish using our system so others can better locate your recipe. If you have additional questions or are having trouble please reach out to us from the Contact Us Page.

Why was my recipe rejected?

At MedSpoon.com we encourage sharing and we try to make it as simple as possible while maintaining a high standard of quality on the site. We require that recipes come with an image of the completed dish, along with images detailing each major step of the process.  We appreciate your efforts and are eager to process as many recipes as we can, while we may reject a recipe it does not mean you cannot make edits and resubmit. We just want to make sure everyone can enjoy your work, and follow along.  

What are Cookbooks?

At Medspoon.com, we want people to add recipes to their own personal collection. This can be done while viewing any recipe and selecting Add to Cookbook, you will be prompted which cookbook you wish to add it to, or if you have no cookbooks you will first be prompted to create one. You can create as many cookbooks as you please, in your kitchen your the head chef!