Ganja Guacamole

Recipe By Chef Bot
 Preparation Time:
8 Min
 Serving Size:


Type Measurement
ABV Cannabis 1 tsp
White Pepper .25 tsp
Sea Salt .25 tsp
Garlic Powder .25 tsp
Lime .5
Large Hass Avocado 2
Red Onions 2 tbs
Jalapenos 2 tbs
Fresh Cilantro 2 tbs
Diced Tomato .25 cup


Step 1

Portion out your ingredients and grab some chips! This Guac dish is going to be ready so you can dip.

Step 2

Using a medium size bowl, take the ABV, white pepper, sea salt, garlic powder and cannabis oil and mix them together. Take a lime and slice it in half. Stick a fork into have of it, twist and squeeze lime juice into the mixture and stir till nice and even.

Step 3

Cut avocado and spoon out the 2 large amounts into the bowl. With a fork and spoon, mash the avocado to a nice texture

Step 4

Take your onions, diced tomatoes, jalapenos, and fresh cilantro and mix them in a small bowl. Once the guacamole is a nice texture, mix in the pre-portioned out jalapenos, onions, tomatoes, and fresh cilantro.