Medicated Milk Chocolate Strawberries

Recipe By Chef Bot
 Preparation Time:
10 Min
 Serving Size:


Type Measurement
Leafs Milk Chocolate Bar or chocolate bar of choice 1
Stawberries 6


Step 1

Prepare a double boiler, by adding water to the bottom level and setting the temperature to medium on the stove top. Wash your strawberries in cold water, and be careful not to bruise them.

Step 2

Place the wash strawberries on a paper towel to dry, and begin to melt te chocolate by placing it in the upper level of the double boiler.

Step 3

With clean strawberries dip the strawberries into the medicated chocolate then swirl it around to make an even coat, let the chocolate run off back into the double boiler for other berries to dip. Use tin foil or parchment paper to make sure the chocolate can dry without tearing