PB and Jelly Bites

Recipe By MedSpoon
 Preparation Time:
5 Min
 Serving Size:


Type Measurement
Ground ABV Cannabis 1 pinch
Peanut Butter 1 tbs
Jelly 1 tbs
Sliced Bread


Step 1

Gather up your ingredients, this recipe requires ABV Cannabis. If you are unfamiliar with ABV, it stands for Already Been Vaped. This is what the by-product of vaporized cannabis. To use in this recipe, we will take ABV and grind it up using a coffee grinder.

Step 2

Take the ground ABV and mix into the peanut butter of your choice.

Step 3

Smear the mixed cannabis peanut butter on one side, then the other with your jelly of choice. Put the two sides together and cut into 4 smaller squares.